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10 weeks of farm fresh seasonal greens, microgreens and treats.

Now enrolling for our 2023 season!

About our Salad Share?

When you join our salad share program you purchase a share of our farms harvest before we grow it. This helps us to purchase what we need to grow our leafy greens, microgreens and edible flowers. In exchange you will receive fresh greens for 10 weeks.

This program is a great way to support local farmers and get healthy fresh food all year long!

What is included?

Each week for 10 weeks you will receive a rotating selection of seasonal farm fresh salad greens to make your week nutritious and full of flavor and color!

 Our Full Share is perfect for 2-3 people or one salad-loving person.

(We also have a limited number of Single Shares available and you would receive 2 out of the 3 items below)


- 1/2 lb seasonal shoots and greens handcrafted each week by us


- 2-4 oz  of specialty microgreens and micro herbs on rotation

- Seasonal goodies as well as collaborations with local businesses interspersed throughout

- Weekly recipes and emails from the Deep Roots Family

- Custom Deep Roots insulated tote 

Salad Share Program

​Cost for Full Share:

  • $300 For Farm Pick Up

  • $350 Home Delivery to the Lower Mainland

Cost for Single Share:

  • $180 For Farm Pick Up

  • $230 Home Delivery to the Lower Mainland

(If you are interested but would like a payment plan please reach out to us via email

We are more than happy to help)

Payment above is for 10 weeks of seasonal salad greens and goodies. If you are wanting to renew and join the next upcoming subscription we will send a reminder 2 weeks prior to the next start date so you have time to repurchase.

2023 Salad Share Delivery/Pick Up Dates:

Spring Salad Share May 5 -  July 7 (10 Weeks)

Summer Salad Share July 21 - Sept 22 (10 Weeks)

Winter Salad Share Oct 6 - Dec 8 (10 Weeks)

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