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Join us for the 2024 season!

About our Salad Subscription

Join Our Salad subscription program and enjoy fresh, organically grown greens this spring.

Purchasing a share of our farm's harvest before it's grown helps us obtain what we need to cultivate our leafy greens for you throughout the season.

In return, you'll receive the freshest and best salad you've ever had for ten weeks!!!


This program is an excellent way to support a local farm and enjoy healthy, fresh food throughout the year.



  • 10 week Salad Subscription $199.00 (Pick up Only)

What is included?

Each week for 10 weeks you will receive a rotating selection of seasonal farm fresh salad greens to make your week nutritious and full of flavor!

You will also receive our farm famous Dill Salad dressing 3 times throughout your subscription.

 Our weekly salad size is perfect for any salad loving person or family!

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